Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with space for events
Berliners with their charming dialect

Berlin: Modern world city that has many trendy events. Since the fall of The Wall Berlin has become one of the most visited cities in Europe. Berlin boast a modern exhibition center with many top venues for corporate events, plus a wide variety of choices for evening events from small, private or even dazzling. Berlin is also known worldwide for its festivals, nightlife and diverse cultures. Find out more about the popular city of Berlin location art here.


Cologne with cathedral and Eventlocations on the Rhine
Crazy, Silly, Fond

Cologne: Ideal for trade shows, conventions and major events. The metropolis on the Rhine is an international congress city in the heart of Europe. Cologne has excellent infrastructure with the airport near the city, modern hotels, outstanding catering, as well as large range of event locations. Cologne's has a unique combination of history with its cathedral and roman ruins. Visitors enjoy the historic and modern atmosphere. Find out more about the popular city Cologne location art here.


Nuremberg with many historic wedding locations and eventlocations
Trade fairs in castle style

Nuremburg is one of the fastest growing exhibition centers in Europe! Since EU expansion, the city has benefited enormously from its central location. Nuremburg Castle is the symbol of the 500,000 inhabitant city. This Franconian metropolis has developed an international destination. Every year more than 1.2 million poeple and around 100 events with 50 trade fairs and conferences are held here. The world's biggest toy fair as well. Find out more about the popular city of Nuremburg location art here.


Augsburg Town Hall with the eventlocation and wedding venue Goldener Saal
City shines with growth trend

Augsburg is the third largest trade fair center in Bavaria. This is do to its convenient location between Munich, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. Augsburg owes thanks to the Fugger merchant family for its storied past. Today, Augsburg enjoys powerful business in Mechatronics, aerospace, and environmental technologies. The Convention center in Augsburg impresses with innovative strategy and strong growth trends. Find out more about the popular city of Augsburg location art here.


Munich / Bavaria
The world city with a heart!

Munich: The cosmopolitan city with a heart. Perfect for destination for conferences, with over 32,000 hotel rooms in all categories, and a great transit system. Munich has a lot to offer. The bavarian way of life, with beautiful beer gardens spread throughout the city, Oktoberfest, plus many world famous sights. Munich thrills its guest with great sites and is a first-class meeting destination. Munich has more then 300 trade shows every year. Find out more about the popular city Munich location art here.


Bonn Hotel Steigenberger
The inviting region of Bonn

City-countryside-river have been the inviting elements for 2,000 years, which characterise Bonn as the city where everything is close together on the banks of the Rhine and at the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the romantic Upper Middle Rhine Valley.


Regensburg with salt stick as eventlocation and wedding location
A historical Place

Regensburg has medieval flair. As one of the UNESCO World Heritage cities, visitors delve deep into the middle ages in Regensburg. With 2000 years of history, and more than 150,000 inhabitants, this city on the Danube river offers locations of any event. From private parties, weddings, anniversaries, to conferences this extraordinary city has a the right locations! Find out more about the popular city of Regensburg location art here.


The Cool Beauty!

Hamburg: This metropolis is located on the banks of th Elbe river and is know as an international convention destination. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg thrills visitors with many unique locations. Hamburg has grown into one of the most important commercial and trading centers of the world. It has the largest port in Germany, and a godsend for all types of events. Find out more about the popular city of Hamburg location art here.


Maintower in Frankfurt as Eventlocation
Banking, stock exchange and exhibition space

Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany, boasts exhibition venue in the heart of Europe The city is know for its contrast between tradition and modernity, trade and culture, activity and tranquility. Frankfurt hosts many international trade fairs, financial business, and cultural events at its' convention center. Which is located close to recreational areas with numerous event venues for meetings. corporate events as well as private parties and weddings! Find out more about Frankfurt location art here.


Stuttgart with the New Palace as an special-eventlocation and wedding location
Established location for meetings

International organizations are choosing Stuttgart as a conference destination! Stuttgart is know for its science, industry and research, plus offering good infrastructure. These factors and a commitment to the environment have lead Stuttgart to become of the leading convention and meeting destinations in Germany. The airport and many hotels and convention centers are certified or have sustainabilitiy strategies implemented. Find out more about the popular city of Stuttgart location art here.


Vienna with the eventlocation and the wedding venue Schloss Schönbrunn
The city with Flair

Vienna: The world's leading city for conferences. Vienna is an international city know for its' cultural activates, and easy of accessibility. Vienna offers excellent infrastructure, high service standard and out standing conference venues. This traditional city is one of the world top destinations for international conferences; it is centrally located in Europe meaning the maximum direct flight time from major European cities is less than three hours. Find out more about the popular city of Vienna location art here.


Düsseldorf with the eventlocation and wedding stallion Rheinturm
The Rhine, diverse, inspiring!

Dusseldorf surprises with diverse venues! The capital of the North Rhine-Westphalia has established a worldwide reputation for hosting conventions, meetings, major events, and individual events. This is due to the 148 meeting and event facilities with modern infrastructure and technology, that range form industrial buildings, five star hotels and multi-functional convention centers. Dusseldorf holds 50 trade fairs every year, including 23 world fairs, with around 1.8 million visitors and more the 30,000 exhibitors. Find out more about the popular city of Dusseldorf location art here.


Leipzig with the Eventlocation Altes Landratsamt at Augustusplatz
"Mother of all trade" offers the best possibilities

Leipzig is no longer a secret, but a sought after venue for high profile conferences, meetings and creative events. For many years now Leipzig offers modern and rich traditions, and the people vibrant and diverse. As a dynamic location for business, science and culture, Leipzig also offers shopping and a good nightlife. Leipzig inspires its guest with many activities. Saxon's largest city has an ultra modern infrastructure, which includes trade fairs, hotels, and business. This helps provide a high level of professionalism and combined with a unique warmth. This "Spirit" draws entrepreneurs, scientist, artists, and students under her spell. Find out more about the popular city location art here.

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