Schwolgin Konferenzdolmetschen

Words and in-between, language and beyond.

A good presentation is much more than the sharing of information. A good presentation is accompanied by gestures and facial expressions, sometimes resorting to a special tone of voice or using allusions and nuances in meaning. Some things might be said with a knowing smile, or with a raised eyebrow. A good interpretation does not simply stop at rendering information correctly in another language. A good interpretation owns up to anything that adds to the spoken word. That way, the speaker’s original intention is maintained. This is my job – and my passion!

Our services and core competencies 

nullMy special forte is applying voice and intonation for transcribing the non-verbal components of speech into another language. I make a point of sounding appealing to my audience. In a very subtle way my personal style of speaking contributes to a positive conference atmosphere.

Our offers 


nullJust as most conference interpreters I am a generalist who learns the ropes for every subject on my conference agenda in good time. What I enjoy most is anything related to social issues.

Areas of expertise 

nullMy preferred fields include environmental issues (waste management, nature conservation, sustainability), development cooperation (fight against poverty, women’s rights), international relations (cross-border cooperation, politics, partnerships) and religious topics (church conventions, ecumenism, aid agencies).

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation 

nullApart from regular simultaneous interpretation using headphones and seated in a sound-proof booth, I also enjoy consecutive assignments. That means that I stand close to the speaker, taking notes and afterwards delivering this speech in small segments in the other language.


nullIn line with what I do and how I do it, a particularly charismatic speaker would be interpreted into another language in such a way that the speech will cause the same effect among the audience as the original – but never outshining the original.


Confidentiality is part of the interpreters‘ code of professional ethics. Thus, references are treated with the same degree of confidentiality as any information relating to your conference.